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  • Advice for Graduates From Creator of Calvin and Hobbs

    With graduation season once again upon us, our thoughts turn to the many students who are preparing to enter the next phase of adult life. Some will continue their education. Some will begin careers. All will face the pressure of juggling competing claims on their time and attention.

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  • To Build Relationships, Speak in Bullet Points or Paragraphs

    Whenever possible, deliver your message in the preferred style of the listener: bullet point or paragraph. The “bullet point” person favorably responds to a style that is brief, to the point and supported by hard evidence of results. He/she will become impatient if made to wait for the bottom line.

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  • 3 Actions to Get Ford’s New CEO Off to a Great Start

    Mr. Fields, congratulations on your appointment as the next president and CEO of one of America’s treasures, the Ford Motor Co. You have big shoes to fill – Mr. Mulally has done a remarkable job, as I wrote about in a previous article.

    Now it’s your turn. In the opinion of this advisor to leaders, here are three actions you should be laser-focused on to get off to a great start.

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  • Connect by Negotiating With the Right Mindset

    #30 Negotiate with a Mindset to Solve Problems Rather than to Win – You can build connections with people during negotiations if you adopt and maintain the right mindset. Thinking of the people you are negotiating with as competitors leads to disconnection and distrust. Instead, think of them as holding knowledge that you need to unearth in order to identify an optimal solution that is a win-win for everyone involved.

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  • Be a Connection Catalyst

    #29 Be a Connection Catalyst – Research by Rob Cross, Barbara Frederickson and Lynn Anderson has shown that the emotions of a group can spiral up or down. Take the initiative to be optimistic, positive and upbeat. Intentionally make positive connections with others to be a catalyst to get the positive spiral in your group going.

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