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  • Is It Ever Wise to Swear at Work?

    You discover a careless error your administrative assistant made in printing a proposal you need to present to a potential new client in a few hours. Should you swear to express your frustration?

    How about when you are speaking to the people you lead who are clearly not giving their best efforts?

    How about if you are a woman in a male-dominated culture and you want to fit in?  Would cursing be wise in that situation?

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  • Help Colleagues in Need

    #53 Help Colleagues in Need – It connects with people when you reach out to show you care or help them during a time of need. The Beryl Companies has “Beryl Cares” to monitor the needs of employees and coordinate a response. If you learn about a colleague who is sick, or has a serious illness or death in the family, respond in an appropriate way. Perhaps you could send a card to let him/her know you are thinking of him/her and offer to help if needed.

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  • Vince Lombardi’s Success Formula: “Task + Relationship Excellence = Results”

    I once attended a meeting where it seemed that everyone was focused on the people or relationships in a business and believed that doing so would bring success.

    Don’t believe it.

    Great leaders focus on achieving BOTH task excellence and relationship excellence. This dual focus produces sustainable superior performance.

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  • Advice for Graduates From Creator of Calvin and Hobbs

    With graduation season once again upon us, our thoughts turn to the many students who are preparing to enter the next phase of adult life. Some will continue their education. Some will begin careers. All will face the pressure of juggling competing claims on their time and attention.

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  • To Build Relationships, Speak in Bullet Points or Paragraphs

    Whenever possible, deliver your message in the preferred style of the listener: bullet point or paragraph. The “bullet point” person favorably responds to a style that is brief, to the point and supported by hard evidence of results. He/she will become impatient if made to wait for the bottom line.

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